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The Company was founded in 1981, as the sister company of the engineering firm founded by Geom Alberto Canavesi in 1951.


Today we have the modern instruments update existing topographic maps and support these services with the latest IT instruments available on the market.



From the early 70’s until the 90’ we had been working in Italy and abroad in partnership with important Italian and international companies and multinationals. We developed a series of topographic works to support masterplans, large property developments, motorways, industrial estates, dikes, etc.



In 1983 we started to develop a large amount of aero photogrammetric work on behalf of the public sector, with a specific and long term partnership with several local counties in Lombardy.


We delivered the cartography plan on scale 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000, in the first place following the traditional draw design, and later with the support of a modern plotter.

In 1990 we moved on with the development of a cartography based on numeric system and, since the early 2000 with a “topographic database”.








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