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Our company produces cartography for technical and land office uses.


The majority of digital data currently comes from photo interpretation of aerial photographs. Soft copy workstations are used to digitalize features directly from stereo pairs of digital photographs. These systems allow data to be captured in two and three dimensions, with elevations measured directly from a stereo pair using principles of photogrammetric.



We can also create data systems for Geographic Information Systems, merging cartography and database technology. These are used by our major client, the Public sector. They can use these data for a series of practical things, such as the support their IT facilities/ systems, resource management, environmental impact assessment, urban planning, cartography, prospective mapping, and other purposes. For example, the data collected might allow emergency planners to easily calculate emergency response times (i.e. logistics) in the event of a natural disaster, or it might be used to find wetlands that need protection from pollution. Our major client is the Public sector and we are able to supply graphic data that feed the territorial information system.


The final product that we are able to provide can be created ex novo. On the other hand we can also update existing material.

We use the latest digital tools for the following items:

-         Aerophotogrammetry on different scales

-         Topographic database

-         Digital orthophoto

-         Update of pre exhisitng carthography

-         Land register maps











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