Canavesi SRL is a company that operates in the geomantic field, whose expertise is the elevation and survey of geographic data.


We are able to offer the services of General Topography, such as support to building developing permission and trade, planning permission, alongside the description and representation of the territory as a whole.


We acquire data working locally on the territory or using aero and satellite images.


Our activity develops the following three core sectors:


-         cartography

-         topography

-         territorial and geographic information systems



Our team is formed by engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and geologists.


We developed a long term experience in these sectors across the years. We are now well established in data acquisition, analysis, elaboration and transformation of these into usable resources for several businesses.




CANAVESI S.R.L. Viale Vittorio Emanuele, 23 24121 BERGAMO (Italy)

Tel. +39 035 237680 - email :